Evekeo (Amphetamine Sulfate)


Brand Name(s):   Adzenys XR-ODT, Dyanavel XR, Evekeo

Generic Name:   amphetamine

Drug Class:  ADHD Agents; Stimulants


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Evekeo (Amphetamine Sulfate)

Evekeo (Amphetamine Sulfate), Evekeo (Amphetamine Sulfate), Evekeo is a prescription drug, also known as amphetamine sulfate in its generic form. Evekeo is a central nervous system stimulant. The medication is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Evekeo works by affecting the levels of certain brain neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine and dopamine. Along with ADHD, Evekeo is used to treat narcolepsy. It can also be used to treat obesity in people who haven’t responded well to other treatment options. Evekeo is unique from other ADHD stimulant treatments because it has a 1:1 mix of levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It’s believed that the use of stimulant drugs like Evekeo can help the neural pathways in the brain better communicate with one another. It’s also believed that Evekeo and other stimulants can help people with ADHD focus better and exhibit more control of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors. Evekeo is approved for use in children with ADHD who are aged three years and older.

Evekeo was approved by the FDA as an ADHD stimulant medication in 2014. It is similar to Adderall but has differences as well. For example, Adderall is comprised of 75 percent dextroamphetamine and 25 percent levoamphetamine, while Evekeo has an even mix of both chemicals. Evekeo is a short-acting, immediate-release drug. Evekeo is only available in two dosage strengths -5 mg and 10 mg. Evekeo tablets are either gray or blue, and they’re scored to make it easier for patients to take a half dose. Children who are between the ages of three and five usually start with a 2.5 mg dose of Evekeo, taken daily, which may slowly be increased. Patients who are six years and older can begin with 5 mg of Evekeo, taken once or twice a day.

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